Scoopertino is an imaginary news organization devoted to ferreting out the most relevant stories in the world of Apple, whether or not they actually occurred.

With a global staff of reasonably professional journalists, we can respond to breaking spoofs everywhere. For reader safety, all Scoopertino stories are tested with trained monkeys prior to publication.

Scoopertino's corporate headquarters is located in the general vicinity of Truth and Lies

Specializing in fake news, Scoopertino believes in the power of imagination. We imagine that we have won numerous industry awards, and we imagine that we have a growing audience of devoted readers. Hey, anything’s possible.

A recent audit reveals that there does exist one shred of truth in Scoopertino. This is tucked away safely in our home page disclaimer, which states that Scoopertino is not affiliated with Apple Inc. Shocking, isn’t it.

Astute readers may wonder how it is that they can see this site on their screens if it really is imaginary. Good question. The fact is, Scoopertino does have two tenuous links to the real world. If you really must know, more details are available here.