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New Apple mothership to tighten security for God

Cupertino — Holy security, Batman. To reduce the risk of being hacked by false gods, Apple will soon require The Big ... Get the Scoop

Apple catches Burberry fever for new retail chief

Cupertino — At long last, the Help Wanted ad has been taken down from Craig’s List. That vacant post of Apple VP of ... Get the Scoop

iPhone 5s/5c event: live blog transcript

For those who couldn’t catch the live event, here’s a transcript of Scoopertino’s coverage of Apple’s iPhone ... Get the Scoop

Apple to skip new iPhones, introduce iDangle instead

Cupertino — All those rumors about the new iPhones … a new “champagne” color? Cheaper models? Fingerprint ... Get the Scoop

That was fast: Microsoft announces CEO short list

Redmond, WA — Who on earth could possibly fill Steve Ballmer’s shoes? The answer is quickly coming into focus. ... Get the Scoop

Apple stuns Google, unveils iGlass

Cupertino, CA — Coming soon: Google Glass. Shipping today: Apple iGlass. That was the theme pounded nonstop by Apple ... Get the Scoop

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