Apple launches new line of bendable devices

bendgate_webCupertino, CA — With its new family of bendable iPhones selling in record numbers, Apple will now bring that same rubbery goodness to its other revolutionary products.

Beginning next month, special “Flex” models of iPad and Mac will take their place alongside the currently offered iPhone 6 Flex and iPhone 6 Flex Plus.

In Getting The Bends, a new video now viewable on Apple’s website, Jony Ive explains the extraordinary engineering behind the new Flex models.

“Apple’s amazing Flexibody design combines the look and feel of the world’s most durable metals with the foundational strength of Olive Garden-grade cheese ravioli,” says Ive.

Better still, with literally hundreds of stress points designed into every Apple product, you can be sure that the device you purchase will bend in a way that is uniquely you.

“Our customers have asked for more flexibility,” said CEO Tim Cook, “and that’s exactly what they’ll get.”

The full line of Flex products will begin shipping on October 22nd. Customers who would rather leave the bending to Apple experts may purchase a pre-Flexed model for an additional $99.


  1. danidr |

    I was wondering just yesterday when Scoopertino would get on this, and I’m not disappointed. Well done folks.

  2. Poppy Schmidt |

    Salvador Dali would be proud. Well done Scoopsters!

  3. Otto Yamamoto |

    22nd October is my birthday. I wat a rubber iPad!

  4. gctwnl |

    ROTFL! Seriously!

    Besides, Flex. Was that an intentional reference to Adobe?

  5. Sam |

    Thanks a lot, I needed a good laugh.

  6. Hardik Gohil |

    What a real fake!!! Laughing like crazy while reading it.

  7. Mihai Enache |

    Where is iPhone?

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  9. boredumb |

    “The full line of Flex products will begin shipping on October 22nd.”

    Is this a firm date?

  10. dmu |

    You’re folding it wrong…

  11. Jan Kowalski |

    Mac Pro Flex rulez 🙂

  12. ashoo |

    I sure flexed my laughing muscles after reading this… great take on FLEX issue…:P

  13. Da Kool Katz |

    Will there be an iHand Flex for these models coming out?

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