Apple Store opens in Libya, brings magic to revolutionaries

Misrata, Libya — When the doors of Libya’s first Apple Store opened in this hotbed of revolution at 7:00 am, the line already snaked around the block. Or, more accurately, what was left of the block.

Putting the uprising aside for one magical day, thousands in the town of Misrata celebrated the opening of Apple Store #323.

The first 500 in line received Apple posters made of Kevlar, usable as wall hangings or shields (click to enlarge)

“We know a thing or two about revolution,” said Ron Johnson, Apple’s Senior VP of Retail, who cut the ribbon amid celebratory gunshots by the excited citizenry. “So our bond with the Libyan people runs deep.”

Marketing plans acquired by Scoopertino indicate that the bond will get even deeper. Apple is bumping up its use of the word revolutionary by over 280% in a TV, poster and leafleting campaign that breaks today.

Like the company’s stores in other countries, Libya’s Apple Store is designed to blend with the local architecture and culture.

The store itself is a renovation of an 11th-century courthouse. The Genius Bar will not only repair Apple products, it will offer help to customers dealing with jammed AK-47s, as well as finicky shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.

While there is definitely excitement in the air — along with the occasional streak of tracers — Apple is by no means getting a free ride in Libya. Opening in just two weeks is Microsoft Store #8, which panders to the pro-Gadhafi crowd massing arms in Tripoli.

Microsoft says it has a “winner” in a theme that will appeal to government supporters and those too afraid to leave their homes: Microsoft: Making the status quo more tolerable than ever.

  • Anonymous


  • ijsbeer

    In my personal opinion, this article is not really in good taste with the dramatic events going on in Libya right now

  • Dan Barker

    Your not though are you…

  • vp

    “A keen sense of humor helps us to overlook the unbecoming, understand the unconventional, tolerated the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected, and outlast the unbearable”

  • gctwnl

    What is happening in Libya is terrible and this is terribly funny. Ah, the wonders of the human mind: to be able to have more than one opinion at a time.

  • Notamused

    not funny.

  • darkwing

    Humor is good, even in darkness. Maybe especially in darkness.

  • مجهول

    أنا أكره هذا المخزن. الذي يدير المكان سخيفة ، وعلى أية حال؟

  • S M J

    The play on Microsoft’s siding with Gaddafi is clever, but the rest of the article needs reconsideration. It is tasteless. You are depicting revolutionaries like Talibans, and forgetting that they are civilians being bombarded by a monster. When people suffer, better taste is expected. Wise writing, and wise pictures. Make fun, but make fun without depicting revolutionaries as a group of barbarous yahoos. This sounds like one of Fox News pieces.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, SMJ, give it a break. This is satire. Don’t inflict your taste on the rest of us.

    By the way, this article makes fun of Apple, not the Libyan people. You see “barbarous yahoos,” I see joyful rebels. Kinda says something about your values, doesn’t it…

  • S M J

    You are attacking me personally, which is not exactly a good way of starting a discussion. My values or your values are not the point of the discussion, otherwise, it would be a good topic of discussion: what kind of a person sees joyful in people holding weapons and celebrating with bombs?

    That is a place I don’t want to go. My point is simple and clear: when people die and suffer, it is a serious matter. When people revolt against a barbarous yahoo, it is a serious matter. Do not depict revolutionaries as a punch of gun freaks in a Taliban-like warzone, or make a bomb logo on Apple’s Store’s door when revolution is about hope and faith. This is not exactly what can be called best judgment.

    I am aware that they are making fun of Apple. I am a big fan of this site since day one. Some of the jokes were excellent, some were only good, but this one needs reconsideration. That is all I said and that is all I am saying. Do not throw a straw man argument and distort my words and intentions. If you see this as funny, that is good for you. I would not make any comments on your values as this is none of my concern. I ask that you treat me likewise and respect my take on the issue.

  • Gman

    i dont like this one

  • what

    How silly! AK-47s don’t jam!

  • LucaV

    You americans find this funny because you have probably no idea of what’s going on there. You see war and gunshots on the the other side of the TV screen, those people there are seeing relatives and friends dying because of a sick dictator.
    By the way, the pictures resembles more an Afghan scene than a Libyan one.. but I understand for you any muslim country might look the same.
    I usually have lot of fun here at Scoopertino, but this time you really disgusted me.

    @ wheatieboy: check the meaning of satire on a dictionary please

  • Anonymous

    Well, to be fair, Talibans started out as civilians being bombarded by a monster too.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’ll bite. My dictionary says:

    Satire: “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”

    Most stories on Scoopertino are satires on Apple’s values. This story way exaggerates Apple as a company so in love with itself, it believes that a civilian population engaged in rebellion would fall under the spell of its marketing.

    I’m not sure you understand “we americans” like you think you do. We’re keenly aware of what’s going on in Libya and elsewhere. We also have a sense of humor. The two are not mutually exclusive.

  • Anonymous

    “My values or your values are not the point of the discussion.”

    With respect, your original post was all about your values. You found the article tasteless, unfair in its depiction of revolutionaries, with writing and pictures that weren’t wise enough.

    I only pointed out that while you saw “barbarous yahoos” in the fake photo, I saw joyful rebels. That’s neither distortion nor personal attack, just an observation. It’s pretty obvious that we all see the world through our own lens.

    You can think this article is tasteless. I can think it’s a riot. And we can both have an equal concern for the situation in Libya.

  • Naitove

    They’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this ever since they bought the rights to the Beatles’ “Revolution” for the TV spot that earned Jennifer an Emmy even though all she did was cut together stock footage.

  • murad

    i like your comment , im libyan but my English not well , so what i understand that they make fun of us , so if america go in war with obama as an example , and civilian try to protect them selves , people die every where because of dictator and then this people come to make fun of us !!! ok we dont care about bad behavior people and we forgive him :)

  • murad

    after example word i for get to right “what would happen??” i told you my english is so bad

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