EXCLUSIVE: A look at Tim Cook’s holiday newsletter

Cupertino, CA — It’s a wonderful life. Especially if your name is Tim Cook.

Cook’s annual holiday newsletter — created for his family and closest friends — provides a more intimate view of the man and his pleasures. Cook has a lot to share, from a fantastic journey abroad to some impish pranking in his own office.

In this exclusive report, Scoopertino takes you behind the curtain to see what Cook’s inner circle sees. Read his holiday newsletter below.

You may not be on Tim Cook’s mailing list, but Scoopertino would never forget you. We wish you the happiest of holidays. We’ll be back with more news after the first of the year.

  • abc905

    I LOL’d at the image of Tim Cooks dressed as Santa selling Apple products.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/rnitt Ronnie Tse

    Buy a black market iPhone in Shenzhen, China.
    It is where they are made.
    Not Beijing.

  • garbonzo

    They sell black market phones all over China, wise one.

  • denbo68

    He was in Shenzhen… but Apple Maps said Beijing.

  • Jason Gentile

    Inner circle, you say! Let’s not use such Google-branded terms in here 😛 Lest Apple use it in a press conference and try to claim that they “invented circle technology” with an inserted “Apple” instead of “Google” lol

  • http://twitter.com/NeilBaner Neil Banerjee

    Boy. the only thing thicker than garbonzo that I know is a Dell Alienware laptop.

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