Six hidden features in Apple Maps

Cupertino, CA — After two weeks of intensive testing with Apple’s new iOS 6 maps, Scoopertino’s Software Evaluation Unit sums up its findings in three words:

“What’s the problem?”

In fact, our report reveals six hidden features in Apple maps that may change the way you navigate:

1. Landmark Shuffle Mode. Randomly relocates famous landmarks to add color to your journey, and to inspire new vacation ideas. Fixed landmarks are so Google.

2. History Mode. Replaces current buildings with ones previously at that address. (Note to those with medical emergencies: your nearest ER may appear as a bowling alley or furniture store.)

3. Auto-Fill Itineraries. For convenience, Maps automatically adds an Apple Store to your itinerary. For greater convenience, it also adds the nearest cash machine en route.

4. “Lost” Mode. For fans of ABC’s classic TV series, John Locke fills in for Siri. Your journey will be long and perplexing, but you’ll ultimately arrive — possibly in the same year you set out.

5. I-Builder. If Apple Maps can’t find an interstate highway, it will create one. Apple-designed interstates are far more attractive than real ones, with imaginary exits clearly marked.

6. Map Genius. Turn-by-turn directions, personally delivered by a Genius in your passenger seat. Just one click and the next available Genius is dispatched to your current location. Be patient though — he’ll be using Apple Maps to find you.

  • unknown1289

    hahaha amazing. never fails to impress

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  • gctwnl

    Hahahaaa! Landmark Shuffle Mode.

    BTW. That’s four words.

  • Jean-Mathieu Potvin

    Ahahahahah, poor Apple Maps. Though all those features are amazing! Can’t wait to use them.

  • Welby

    No way! Really?

  • Welby

    I was just at the sphinx last week and not a ford factory anywhere?

  • Mike Chu

    Map Genius is the funniest! I’d love to see those in an application. Anyone know coding?

  • Pranav Shandilya

    rofl! landmark shuffle mode! and i loved the map genius point too. hawhawhaw

  • Evan

    Pretty good…

  • Evan

    Map Genius not available in Canada! I tried it out this morning but I just got an error message saying “this feature is currently unavailable in your country”. :(

  • LabcoatLazuli

    Turn left into 5th Avenue:
    (Now shut up, Siri talks to you, you don’t talk back.)
    Leave the car:
    The Pyramids of Giza will be on the right:
    (You go waste $29049 on an iPad first)
    Collect your ticket:
    (Bumlick Steve Jobs)
    Enter the Pyramid:
    (And starve to death)

  • jessi


  • Stuka

    Examples please?

  • Neil Banerjee

    He’ll probably end up in Neptune though, you need to be some genius to use that scum Apple calls Apple Maps.