Tim Cook goes on apology binge

Cupertino, CA — Apple CEO Tim Cook knows a winning move when he sees one.

Following positive reactions to his public apology last week, Tim is doubling down on the apology strategy.

In a new open letter posted on Apple’s site today, Cook lets loose a stream of apologies that will further endear him to a range of potential customers, from his neighbors to an unnamed motorist on I-280.

“Our customers have gotten used to our mistakes,” says an Apple spokesperson, “so they may not appreciate them unless we point them out.”

Read Cook’s full statement below.

  • lawl

    You forgot the “Asskissing” section between “Store” and “Mac” at the top…

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  • Jean-Mathieu Potvin

    OH MY GOD. This letter was written by a genius. I just love it, Thanks Cook for your apologies.

  • Anonymous

    Inspect Element strikes again.

  • BillyJP

    Greenfellow – I’m sorry you had to cover this story. I’m sorry you wrote this article. I’m sorry I had to read it. But I’m also most sorry about Apple Maps.

  • pat

    Believe me it will not be the last time that Tim Cook will have to apologize. He could apologize for the buggy new macbook pro I got in December 2012. He could apologize for the worst browser ever, Safari.

    But above all he would not had to apologize if he had done his job as a CEO.

  • pat

    Well if he had done his job has a CEO he would not have to apologize.