Apple enters home TV market with AppleVision: “HD TV for the rest of us”

Cupertino, CA — Move over, Sony. Apple has surprised analysts by boldly moving into the home TV market with a new product called AppleVision.

Apple is promoting the device as “big-screen TV minus the big.”

Indeed AppleVision is Lilliputian in its dimensions, designed to fit perfectly atop the tiny new Apple TV device — offering “a magical 5.8 inches of high-def TV.” Even AppleVision’s price is diminutive. At $199, it costs but a fraction of what you’d spend for a traditional HD TV.

“Bigger is not better,” says Apple’s press release. “Big screens get families spreading out in the living room — AppleVision encourages them to huddle together. It’s that perfect blend of HD and family values.”

Apple Vision brings families closer together with 5.8 magical inches of HD TV

Steve Jobs has described iPod touch as “an iPhone without the phone.” At today’s product launch, Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller boasted that AppleVision goes a step further. “It’s an iPhone without anything.”

That may be marketing hype — but isn’t too far from the truth. Scoopertino’s test lab was hard-pressed to find any significant features in AppleVision, other than its Retina display and HDMI port. In fact, a fight broke out amongst our testers as they debated whether the integrated .13-inch speaker should be counted as a feature or novelty item.

AppleVision is available immediately at the Apple Store. The AppleVision Magnifying Viewer is sold separately.


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