Apple Store experimenting with Genius Bar wedding service

Cupertino, CA — A surprise marriage performed at the landmark Apple Store Fifth Avenue in NY has spawned an innovative idea for the record-setting retail operation. Once the systems are in place, you’ll be able to get married at the Genius Bar, with or without an accompanying Apple repair.

The Genius Bar scheduling page now offers lovebirds a new choice

The wedding idea was the brainstorm of NY floor sales manager Timothy Bass, who saw dollar signs when news services picked up the NY Apple Store story. “The numbers speak for themselves,” says Bass. “Weddings draw guests, and three out of ten Apple Store visitors make a substantial purchase. It’s a no-brainer.” Apple brass agree.

Within 48 hours of the NY Apple Store wedding, the company reached out to churches, synagogues and mosques in search of Mac-loving clergymen to staff the Genius Bar. A month-long test was scheduled for the Apple Store in Alpharetta, GA, where the ever-bustling counter was re-christened the Genius Bar + Love.

The new page used to promote Apple's new wedding service

Customers in Alpharetta now have access to a revised Genius Bar sign-up screen that allows them to schedule appointments for repairs, weddings, or if need be, both.

Besides the obvious advantage of having a wedding performed in the picturesque setting of an Apple Store, future customers will be able to take advantage of the extended hours of certain Apple Stores (such as NY’s Apple Store Fifth Avenue, which is open 24 hours). Clergymen will be available at all hours the Genius Bar + Love is open, though it is suggested that weddings be scheduled 48 hours in advance, to ensure availability of the preferred denomination.

Two weeks into the test run, Alpharetta has reported 16 weddings (plus two requests for Genius Bar Mitzvahs). However, it is too early to judge the program a complete success. We’re told that rice can be very difficult to remove from keyboards.


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