Apple Store tests Idiot Bar as complement to Genius Bar

Cupertino, CA — Tired of waiting hours or days to get an appointment at the Genius Bar? Help is on its way.

Citing research that proves over 60% of the Genius Bar customers are clogging up the works with dumb questions, Apple is testing a new concept called the Idiot Bar.

By siphoning off customer problems ranging from the laughable to the pathetic, the Idiot Bar will free up the Geniuses to take care of more serious problems, more quickly.

“We like to think of the Idiot Bar staff as a lower grade of Genius,” said Ron Johnson, Apple’s VP of Retail. “These people are trained to speak your language.”

Customers recognizing their own intellectual handicap may make Idiot Bar appointments online. A greeter at the Genius Bar will also re-route worthy customers to the Idiot Bar after asking some basic questions.

The Idiot Bar will not only speed up the tech support function of the Apple Store, it is expected to open up a new revenue stream.

Surveys show that 84% of those qualified to visit the Idiot Bar tend to do exactly as they’re told — and no doubt they will frequently be told it’s time to upgrade.

After first proving the concept in backwoods markets, Apple plans to roll out the Idiot Bar in more sophisticated metropolitan stores as well.

“Trust me, I’ve seen the service records,” said Johnson, “the Idiot Bar could well become our most popular attraction.”

Though Apple bills the Idiot Bar as “tech support for the rest of us,” it may really be “for the most of us.”


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