Apple Stores shut down after lawsuit by China’s fake Apple Stores

Apple fans wander aimlessly after a court ruling closed down Apple Stores across America

Cupertino, CA — There’s a frightening similarity between Apple’s retail stores and the fake stores recently uncovered in China. And the company behind those fake stores is steaming mad about it.

Citing a “similarity that goes far beyond coincidence,” China’s Appel Inc. has obtained a preliminary ruling forcing Apple Inc. to close its stores immediately — and has vowed to do whatever it takes to permanently shut down the “flagrant copies” built by Apple.

Appel is also seeking $200 million in punitive damages.

Appel’s CEO, Steven Joobs, met with reporters in Shanghai this morning to discuss the legal action.

Appel CEO Steve Joobs (right) is incensed that Apple CEO Steve Jobs (left) would stoop to such blatant copying

“Just look at our stores side by side,” says Joobs. “It’s bad enough that Apple has wood tables and a Genius Bar like us — they’re even selling the same technology!”

The evidence was compelling enough for a San Francisco Superior Court justice to order a temporary shutdown of all Apple Stores in the U.S. pending a trial, now set for September 19th, 2011.

Scoopertino legal consultant, Evan Brettmeir, says Apple’s mega-successful chain of over 300 stores could be in serious jeopardy as a result of Appel’s lawsuit.

“Apple has put itself in a very difficult place by being so aggressive with their stores,” says Brettmeir. “It’s gotten ten times worse since they cloned Android to create iPhone.”

The legal threat to Apple is growing more severe by the minute. Sources tell us that Redmond-based Microsoft is soon to join Appel as a co-plaintiff, claiming that Apple has shamelessly replicated original Microsoft Stores’  features as well, most notably the “woo-hoo, high-fiving” line of employees that appear at their store openings.


  1. Boogster Su |

    Does that mean our iDevices are iCounterfeited?

  2. Ray Vellest |

    I’m thinking about buying an iPad, but the new iPaad from Appel seems to be a better alternative. Anyone can give a honest review?

  3. AppleisAwesome |

    Steve Joobs gives me the creeps. I think that he should be called Sboj Evets (it fits his look better. 
    Anyway, I think that Appel has it wrong. THEY copied Apple and THEY are selling the same technology.  Oh, will the iPhoone 5, the new line of iPoods and the iPaad be better that the iPad, iPod and iPhone?

    • xoniv |

      u r jking right??

  4. ClarkBent |

    I’m waiting for Bizarro Steve Jobs to show up in a Superman Costume with an Apple logo on front.

  5. tam |

    i don’t get it, so, appel is suing apple???????? isn’t supposed to be the opposite???

    • Asian_xpress |

      u sir have been trolled

    • Eduardocibanez |

      You sir should do what Ths1537 sayd.

  6. Ths1537 |

    If you don’t understand that this is a joke, slap yourself.

  7. Faiplay1200 |

    that’s the only thing the chines can do they are not able to think for themselves

  8. Kalmdown |

    I heard Appel will be coming out with the iPad Thai this fall…

  9. Slam3028 |

    Apple or Appel, Joobs or Jobs – which is which, all to confusing … 🙂

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