Apple unveils low-cost Cornea display

Cupertino, CA — Retina display too rich for your blood? What you need is “the display for the rest of us.”

Say hello to Apple’s super-affordable Cornea display.

This new display, along with the classic display and Retina display, forms a whole family of 15-inch Mac laptops.

Thanks to Apple’s new simplified naming system, you can now choose among a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Pro.

But clearly it’s the Cornea display (choice #3) that’s getting all the attention now.

To achieve greater economy while staying true to Apple’s high standards, the Cornea display aims for quality, not quantity.

“The Cornea display has only 10,000 pixels compared to the Retina display’s 5 million pixels,” according to Apple’s press release. “But they’re incredibly good pixels.”

Just how good are they? Given the new display’s 120×90 resolution, a single Cornea pixel is literally 500x the size of a Retina pixel — an accomplishment that’s wowing the Apple-watchers.

“There are so many damn pixels in a Retina display, you can barely distinguish one from the next,” says Wall Street analyst Gene Munster. “With Cornea technology, you can literally savor each pixel from five feet away.”

The Cornea display does force users to accept certain compromises. Dock icons, for example, are reduced to a 3×3 pixel square — which may present a challenge for developers.

As usual, Apple’s critics have been quick to react. “This is an outrage,” says a Dell spokesperson. “This is Apple’s first move into the inferior product market space, and they’re praised as an innovator. Dell has been making inferior products for years and gets no credit.”


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