Bin Laden hard drives reveal app developer dreams

Abbottabad, Pakistan — Even evildoers have their hopes and dreams.

Hard drives recovered from Osama bin Laden’s last address reveal a hitherto unknown side of the elusive terrorist.

Osama was an avid gamer with a mischievous streak — and a budding developer of apps for iPhone and iPad.

Investigators are putting the pieces together as they dig deeper into the drives and beat information out of witnesses.

Apparently, Osama began tinkering with apps as a way to kill time, being unable to venture outdoors for the last five years. He’d grown weary of watching reruns of old American sitcoms, and was stuck with only one wife.

Without Internet service, he relied on couriers to bring him Apple gear loaded with apps for inspiration. He eagerly learned the required skills.

The lighter side of Osama: apps for everyone

His first effort was Angry Jews, in which players use a giant slingshot to fling super-powered Jews into enemy caves.

Words With Enemies is a Scrabble-style game in which players can surprise opponents by embedding improvised explosive devices into the tiles.

Osama’s personal favorite, though, was Hatebook. This app does away with the pretenses of Facebook, making it easy to link up with people you truly loathe, posting hateful remarks and vowing eternal revenge.

It remains unclear what will happen to the bin Laden apps once the U.S. Government completes its investigation. According to a CIA source, bids have already been received from Al-Qaeda and Google.


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