Dell woos Mac users with new ad campaign

Round Rock, TX — Yee-haw! After a decade of listless advertising and sagging sales, Dell is stepping up its game in the ad department.

Say hello to the Farmer in the Dell: a fun and friendly character who lives inside every Dell product.

Citing a “farming vacuum” created by the disappearance of Gateway, Dell sees limitless potential in its new $30 million ad campaign.

Part Incredible Shrinking Man and part Old McDonald, the Farmer embodies the values of Dell — and will serve as a lure to new customers. As explained in Dell’s press release, the lovable character “will deliver farm-fresh ideas to the consumer.”

Dell believes the Farmer will prove seductive to Mac users in particular. “Let’s face it, Apple has all but abandoned the agrarian market,” says a Dell spokesperson. “The Farmer will attract Mac users like hogs to a trough.”

To make the proposition even more compelling, Dell will be offering a free straw hat with every Vostro 1440 laptop purchase. Future farm-themed promotions are in the works.

Though the ads appear whimsical, the rationale behind them is rock-solid. Dell users will sleep better knowing that the Farmer can help them cope with typical Dell issues — such as crashing and falling apart.

“This is a home run for Dell,” said analyst Jack McCurty of Zacks Investment Research. “A farmer at the core of the Dell brand explains everything. Suddenly, the lack of great design and great technology makes perfect sense.”

Will the Farmer be enough to give Dell the spike in sales it seeks? Unknown. However, soybean futures were up 13% at this morning’s opening bell.


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