Gizmodo editor planning to launch new gadget site from jail cell

San Jose, CA — Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, now also known as Inmate #GA-125544, California Penal System, has announced exciting plans for his new web-based venture.

Clinkmodo will be the first website to focus on the latest gadgetry for the inmate population, “Blending Innovation with Incarceration.”

In an exclusive interview from Cell Block B in Santa Clara County Jail, Chen was upbeat about the future. “Whatever went down with that whole iPhone prototype thing, that’s in the past,” he says. “What’s important now is that I stay on my game. I’m still a web journalist. I’m just painting on a different canvas now.”

Chen’s canvas this week is the 4:00am-to-noon shift in the prison laundry room.

“You may see prison, but I see opportunity,” Chen explains, “the brothers here are as interested in gadgets as anyone. And this is actually better than Gizmodo, because now I’ve got a captive audience.”

Not wanting to mess with success — except maybe the part that gets you 5 to 10 in San Quentin — Chen is already hot on his first story.

Debut edition of jailed ex-Gizmodo editor's new baby, Clinkmodo (click to enlarge)

“I couldn’t believe my luck,” says Chen. “First day here, one of the laundry monkeys finds this shank prototype at the bottom of a bin. No owner. Somebody just left it there. It’s not like any shank I’ve ever seen — more spoon than knife. So I give this guy five packs of Marlboros for it. Now I’ve got a next-generation, pre-release shank and a headline for Clinkmodo.”

Chen’s bunkmate is currently photographing a full teardown using a smuggled camera, and Clinkmodo will reveal all in its debut edition next week. Also featured will be a hands-on review of the new HardTime 4-Series shower head and an opinion piece entitled “Top 5 Gadgets for Solitary.”

“This is the perfect environment for a startup,” drones Chen. “These guys don’t have a lot ethics issues and they’re hungry for the latest gadget news. Hell, some of them are even willing to kill for it.”


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