Jobs fumes over iPhone launch fiasco, pens “Thoughts on Revenge”

Cupertino, CA — Angered by the server meltdowns that marred the first day of pre-orders for iPhone 4, Steve Jobs has once again tapped out an open letter on This time, he’s swearing eternal revenge upon AT&T.

“I know millions of you are just as frustrated as I am,” says Steve in his latest missive, titled Thoughts on Revenge. He promises to “make AT&T suffer mightily” for wrecking what was supposed to be one of the most glorious days in Apple history.

Jobs muses about some of the ways he might take revenge, but stops short of promising any specific action, or offering a timeframe in which action might be expected. The full text of Steve Jobs’ open letter can be seen by clicking the image below.

AT&T would not respond to emails asking for comment, as their servers are wigging out again.


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