1. Reagan |

    NOO DONT CHANGE IT!! apple isnt apple without an apple logo! Don’t do it.!

    • BANG725 |

       -.- iT’s fake

  2. PC |

    DO IT!!

  3. hannes |

    but the apple logo on the left of the finder on the imac???????????

  4. Tapple |

    This is the worse idea ever Apple. What does a leaf have to do with Apple? If anything they should get rid of the leaf and keep the apple, after all that is their name, but I think the logo is already good the way it is; no change is necessary.

  5. Sam |

    You do realise this isn’t real guys? It’s a joke.

  6. Daniel |

    People really do believe anything. Lmao!

  7. Maya Buhbootie |

    I say this is a fantastic idea! It looks really good!! I don’t see how you guys could diss this!

  8. Alex Lardner |

    A minor correction: Technically the rainbow apple was still used until Mac OS X was released…just not found on the computers themselves.

  9. Makedcase |

    The Leaf reminds me of a gum company. Kid’s relate to the Apple, I think it is a very bad idea. Just a matter of time till Apple falls!

  10. Jazmyne |

    I think that single leaf logo isn’t looks bad, however, I like apple logo better.

  11. Inoye A |

    Way cool!

  12. Jjjjjjjjj |

    In the iMac picture, the apple logo in the top bar is still the old logo.

    • Anonymous |

      they forgot to photoshop that bit

      • jimmyjon |

        A fatal move…

  13. deeeeebbie. |

    they ovbiously arnt going to do this ;L its apple, not leaf.

  14. Jwrigh68 |

    Les we forget, It’s very important to monitor changes likes these in major corporations like Apple. Though these changes seem small, they are most definitely key to parts of an unrevealed business move.

  15. macadamianut |

    So now not only do are we shifting to abbreviations (dif.) but we also seem to not understand the exact form of WHAT and APPLE looks like. Seriously, I don’t go to the grocery store, say I want an apple and pick up a leaf!

  16. Crew25cygnus |

    i think if you change the logo of apple bite, all of your product will be down in demand, that is not good to change that logo remember that you are not the one start  this product. the one that have right to change that logo is  only    “” STEVE JOBS “”””

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    This is a load of bull. They never made it just a leaf. PHOTOSHOPPED!

    • LexLuthor |

      Your powers of perception are as impressive as your ability to spell your commenter name.

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  23. MaxSpa |

    Ah ah ah

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