Losing exclusive on iPhone, AT&T finds new partner in Taco Bell

Dallas, TX — Care for a burrito with that data plan?

Before Verizon iPhones even go on sale — and before customers begin fleeing AT&T in droves — AT&T has hatched a new plan to make up for lost income.

Apple who? AT&T sees unlimited potential in its new partnership with Taco Bell

Unfazed by losing their “exclusive U.S. carrier” status with iPhone, AT&T will jack up that cash flow by entering a massive marketing partnership with Taco Bell.

325 AT&T Wireless locations across the U.S. will soon have a new name: AT&Tacobell.

“We’re super-excited to team up with Taco Bell,” said AT&T CEO Randall L. Stephenson at today’s joint announcement. “Now we’ve got the nation’s most reliable network of Mexican fast food on our side.”

According to sources, AT&T was attracted to Taco Bell for its unique ability to run cheesy mass-market promotions. This capacity will allow the company to clear out its vast inventory of  iPhone cases and chargers, even as customers gleefully spurn their iPhone offering.

Glen Bell, founder and CEO of Taco Bell, flashed his competitive spirit at today’s press conference. “Verizon may have the iPhone now, but you won’t find a single chalupa on their shelves,” he says.


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