Millionth Scoopertino visitor begrudgingly accepts certificate

Scoopertino, CA — It was an ordinary Monday morning in California. It was an ordinary afternoon in Salzburg, Austria. But soon, two worlds were to collide.

At 10:36 am PST, Scoopertino received its one millionth click — and Austrian mom Cassie Osterhout became an instant celebrity.

"If you insist," says Cassie Osterhout, as she receives her Certificate of Accomplishment from Scoopertino correspondent Mario Bitensky

Though perplexed at first by the congratulatory phone call from Scoopertino, Cassie quickly progressed from confusion to utter indifference.

“I don’t know what they’re talking about,” says Cassie. “I don’t know or care what a Scoopertino is.”

According to Cassie, the visit to Scoopertino might have been the doing of her six-year-old son, who refused to comment for this story. She also leaves open the possibility that the magical click was actually performed by her cat, Oliver, who enjoys an occasional strut across the computer keyboard.

Either way, Cassie is now the proud owner of a special Scoopertino Certificate of Accomplishment. And the relentless drive to Two Million is now underway.

[From the Editor: Yes, it’s true. Scoopertino has now been clicked a million times, only a small percentage of which were the result of random animal behavior. A big thanks to everyone who’s visited on purpose.]


  1. ObamaPacman |

    Where’s my certificate? I am not a cat. 😉

  2. frm |

    C’mon people, be serious: no one is here on purpose. We all know that you pay big money to be the default homepage in all browsers. We all know you also pay your visitors. By the way I have to send you my new bank account because the old one is full.
    your mobile version looks great on my ipad !

  3. Kucing |

    Congrats Scoopertino!
    I just found this site a few days I don’t remember how long it has been since I laughed so hard reading through your archives. I look forward to a million or a billion more. I don’t care if its random animal behavior or not. Keep up the good work!

  4. Anton Weisenheimer |

    “Osterhout” refers rather to the Netherlands, it’s a typical Dutch name. In Austria this would rather be “Osterhalter” or something like that.
    Nice story

  5. fg2312d |

    Cassie Osterhout isn’t a german name

  6. Swiley |


  7. Felix |

    I’m from Austria and this name is BS ;).


  8. Cat |

    cats visit here more than you thi- meow meow meow meow

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