New app makes it easy to get rich off of Apple

Kalamazoo, MI — Rather strike it rich in a courtroom than needlessly expend energy working a real job? There’s an app for that.

LitiGATOR™ makes it easy to initiate a lawsuit against Apple — frivolous or otherwise — and laugh all the way to the bank.

The new app, created by the legal software experts at LawHorse, doesn’t require any legal expertise at all. With nothing more than an iPad, a Wi-Fi connection and a willingness to pursue Apple to the end of the earth, you can litigate with the big boys.

With LitiGATOR™, you can target specific Apple products for violating one thing or another, or you can target Apple itself for its many obvious — and legally provable — sins.

All you have to do is use the simple pop-up menus to select your options. Choose the type of lawsuit, your imagined damages (up to $50 billion) and your willingness to settle out of court with Apple’s evil lawyers. LitiGATOR™ does the rest.

LitiGATOR™ saves time, money and attorney’s fees. You can use it to file lawsuits in any state in the U.S. LitiGATOR Pro™ adds the capabilities of filing your suit in foreign countries or having your payout wired to a foreign bank account.

LitiGATOR™ is available for $2.99 at the App Store, beginning today. According to LawHorse’s PR release, that’s the deal of a lifetime. “If you get a $50 million settlement out of it, you’ll make your investment back over 16.7 million times.”


  1. Rabindranath |

    Is this real?

    • Barry Wood |

      Of course it is.

      • Avejr |

        Yes, I agree to Barry. I already got $1 million with this. 🙂
        You’ve got to try this.

    • Jjmachead |

       Absolutely! I received $30 millions wired to my bank in Nigeria. True story!

  2. gctwnl |

    Have they announced versions for other law jurisdictions yet? And I see a market for special apps for competitors, especially Motorola (Google), Samsung and HTC. 

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  4. Anonymous |

    This press release is misleading.  I was only able to get $40 million from them.  Nowhere near the promised 16.7 million times return on my $2.99 app purchase.  Time for a class action suit against LitiGator!

  5. Law Abiding. |

    I just filed $200 million lawsuit.

  6. Dnfdnfj |

    Made a $1 googolplexian dollar lawsuit over how easy the screen cracks, and then the app uninstalled itself and the phrase “WE F*CKING QUIT.” appeared. Wonder what that means?

  7. northierthanthou |


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