Schiller’s nephew helms new Mac ads

Cupertino, CA —  The Genius ads may have been below Apple’s standards.

The good news is, they were way above Nicky Schiller’s standards.

Turns out the widely-scorned ads were helmed by none other than Apple marketing guru Phil Schiller’s 12-year-old nephew — who calls the new campaign “absolutely the best work of my career.”

That’s a bold statement, given that his previous films include Ben By Night, an overnight time-lapse study of his pet turtle, and Monsters Unincorporated, a documentary about his 4th-grade Halloween parade.

“I had no idea he was involved,” says the young filmmaker’s computer teacher, Grant Baylor. “But when my wife and I saw the first Mac commercial during the Olympics, we both turned to each other and said ‘Nicky.’ His style is that unmistakeable.”

Those present at the studio during filming of the Genius commercials paint a picture of a no-nonsence director in control of all aspects of production.

“Nicky does it all,” says his longtime mother, Rebecca Schiller. “He does the writing, casting, lighting, he even edits the film on the iMac Uncle Phil gave him.”

Famed director Martin Scorcese, himself the star of a recent Apple ad, gushed with praise for Nicky’s effort. “This campaign could not be the work of a 12-year-old. I’d say 16 or 17 at least.”

Production was a challenge due to Nicky’s busy summer schedule. Shooting days had to be scheduled around his commitments to hang at the pool with his friends and mow several lawns in the neighborhood.

Apple’s PR release denies there was any nepotism involved in signing Nicky as the director. “It was a creative decision,” goes the story. However, an inside source claims it was largely a budget decision.

“They signed Nicky for triple-allowance and a box of Kit-Kats.”



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