Steve Jobs to personally detonate Jackling House with iPhone app

Artist's conception: Steven P. Jobs 'sploding the Jackling House

Cupertino, CA — Want to blow up a really annoying historic mansion? There’s an app for that.

Now that a judge has finally given Steve Jobs approval to tear down the crumbling Jackling House mansion on his property, Mr. Jobs will personally detonate the explosives using a customized iPhone app.

The app — called iSplode — is a gift to Mr. Jobs from his wife, who secretly worked with Apple software engineers to surprise her husband with a custom app when the long legal process finally came to a halt.

With the judge’s happy decision now rendered, and years of painful legal jousting in the past, only one obstacle remains before the Jackling House can be reduced to rubble: iSplode is currently going through the App Store approval process.


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