Steve Jobs to video pros: stop whining

Steve Jobs gets a few things off his chest in today's open letter on

Cupertino, CA — Why the uproar about Final Cut Pro X? According to Steve Jobs, you can blame “picky” pros.

Apple’s CEO took the unusual step today of posting an open letter on defending what he called “the best video editing software on the planet.”

An indication of how seriously Apple views the FCP X situation, this is Jobs’ first open letter since his Thoughts on revenge a full year ago. In that note, he pledged to strike back at those who botched the iPhone 4 launch.

In his newest missive, entitled Stop the whining, Jobs chides pro editors for acting like FCP X is “beneath them.” The bristling Apple chief points out that most of the complainers aren’t exactly producing Hollywood blockbusters.

Apparently trying to dial down the heat, Jobs then takes the unusual step of revealing some secrets in the forthcoming OS X Lion.

He says Apple will be revolutionizing other apps in the same way they revolutionized FCP X: by removing key features.

When we fire up Lion, we can look forward to Safari Pro X (no more bookmarks), Calculator Pro X (addition only) and Stickies Pro X (three-stickie maximum).


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