Think different, dress alike: Apple introduces Steve Jobs fashion line

Cupertino, CA — Want to own a bit of that Steve Jobs magic? Apple is making a multimillion-dollar bet that you do.

Fitting rooms will be installed at the Apple Store to accommodate the new line (click to enlarge)

Stepping outside of electronics for the first time in its history, today Apple is launching iWear — a fashion line that captures the look and style of its trendsetting CEO. A new ad campaign under the banner “Be like Steve” will appear in major consumer publications and websites during the holiday season. Bloomingdale’s will devote 400 square feet of retail space to iWear.

“This is the next logical step,” says Apple PR chief Katie “100%” Cotton. “Since Steve controls so much of our lives anyway, it just makes sense to let him dress us too.”

iWear makes it easy for anyone to be like Steve. All parts of the official Steve uniform will be neatly boxed, Apple style: mock black turtleneck, jeans and gray New Balance 991 sneakers. In addition, copies of Steve’s glasses (non-prescription) are available to complete the look. Underwear remains a matter of personal choice.

iWear products are built to Apple's highest standards (click to enlarge)

Analyst Paul Kornik sees iWear as a slam-dunk for Apple. “Sure, Steve puts his pants on one leg at a time, like anyone,” he says. “But let’s face it — Steve’s pants are magical. A lot of people are going to buy into this.”

Apple insists that no further Steve Jobs-related products are in the pipeline. However, plans are proceeding on new products tied to other well-known Apple personalities. Expected in 2011 are Essence of Phil (Schiller-inspired cologne), iStubble (electric shaver for the Jony Ive look) and GirthTamer (Wozniak-endorsed, elasticized belt).


  1. 1stkorean |

    this is slob wear

  2. niklasR |

    Where can I buy this? 😛

  3. Vincent |

    How come all techy/apple guys have no fashion style. Is it they want to look like they didn’t make any effort in the morning,to extra cool- eg ‘I might be rich’?

  4. Jams |

    When is the white version coming out?

  5. Mark Gary Blumenthal, MD, MPH |

    What a hoot! Actually, Steven Jobs gets VERY expensive mock turtleneck shirts from a Caribbean producer but I have found the top-of-the-line ones from Brooks Brothers at least as good, and they’re only about $25 at BB’s semiannual sale.

  6. john |

    Ken and I have dressed like this for years 🙂

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  8. Tom |

    Wanna buy this!!!! 😀

  9. Jojo |

    I want to sue this in court and earn millions…iWear is a registered name of my botique

  10. Jonathan |

    […]When is the white version coming out?[…]


    Send from my Safari

  11. Fabian |

    I’ll just wait for the white version.

  12. Speedmaster |

    LOL, brilliant! 😉

  13. Criswell |

    So this is where it begins. All those sci fi shows and movies set in the future where everyone is wearing exactly the same thing.

  14. Diziet |

    I bet when I zip the jeans up I’ll lose all reception in my pants.

  15. WiHi |

    This is definitely fake! Steve Jobs would never leave the underwear for everybody to decide! The inside is just as important as the outside, even what is hidden to the public eye:) Concentration (and control) on every detail, no matter!

  16. Handkerchief |

    Can I jailbreak it and unlock it?

  17. Alibia |

    Is there only one model available? Assuming there are additional sizes…I was curious if any apps are available to maximize use and capacity.

  18. Smugpinnen |

    If you encounter any problems after jailbreaking, just wash em’ back to their original state.

  19. Abdulmajeed |

    Is there an event for this??? i want to see it!

  20. jeffmcc |

    when is the verzion version coming out?

  21. Truth BeTold |

    The loser version is out. Get it. No need to wait for the white, Verizon or unlocked version.

  22. Comet X |

    Jams: Later this year. I mean spring. Wait they just deleted it from the site. It will leave it’s current fabric to use a new kind, according to rumors. lol.

  23. Abramsm79 |

    The DEV TEAM has already the tool for this one, they say tha BLEACHRA1N its on it way

  24. Ramon |

    I’d be scared to find out that one of those Steve mannequins is real.

  25. Kritz |

    When’s version 2 coming? Sick of the buttonhole- bug.

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  27. PennyLovesApple |

    This isn’t even remotely funny. So disrespectful

    • Epoch |

      You realize this was made about a year before he died, right?

    • Anonymous |

      If you’re saying that because Steve has passed away, take a look at the date of this article: October, 2010. If you’re seeing any other kind of disrespect here … methinks you have issues.

    • Shift_gamer |

      Bahahaha, the first thing I noticed was that he was still alive.  Learn to read the date.

    • X1crazylama123 |

      it was  before he died..

  28. Derek Dols |

    why the hell would we all dress the same?… if you guys actually buy into this then i’m sorry but your a straight up sheep-idiots. quit being flocked and think for yourself toolbags

    • Justin Fortin |

      I love it when people don’t figure out that it’s a joke.

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  30. Raynel Lopez |

    ” Underwear remains a matter of personal choice. ” LOL I though it was included aswell… xD

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