With Apple TV reinvented, Steve Jobs searches for new hobby

Cupertino, CA — Steve Jobs was all smiles when he introduced Apple’s newest devices at the September 1st event. But, according to sources inside the company, unveiling the all-new Apple TV was a bittersweet moment for Mr. Jobs.

On one hand, the device he proclaimed “a hobby” three years before had finally grown up. On the other hand — he’s now a man without a hobby.

Steve with the Palo Alto Basket Society, sharing a light moment before the meltdown

And it shows.

In the last two weeks, some have described a “changed” CEO — eager to push the company forward, yet visibly pining for a good leisure-time activity. He’s actually missed several meetings, only to be found sitting at the empty table in his office, staring at the spot where he used to keep his Apple TV, soldering iron and screwdriver set.

It’s not like he hasn’t been trying. Since September 1st, Steve has been on the “hobby-a-day” plan, sampling one new hobby after another. So far, he’s tried his hand at model railroading, needlepoint, falconry, ham radio, puppetry, candle-making and basket-weaving.

Steve's favorite part was when the choo-choo came around the mountain

Agatha Haley, 76, who leads a basket-weaving class in Palo Alto, confirmed Steve’s attendance at her weekly gathering.

“I admired his enthusiasm,” she says, “but he rejected four boxes of high-quality reed, brought in a British gentleman to design his basket — then reduced four of our ladies to tears by demanding they build their baskets with his tools.”


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