Raising the bar: Apple announces signal bar extender for iPhone

Cupertino, CA — iPhone signal bars still leave you wanting? Super-size them. Thanks to Apple’s new MegaBars accessory, puny signal bars are a thing of the past.

Like the bigger bars in Apple’s recent software fix, MegaBars has no actual effect on iPhone reception. However, those taller/beefier signal bars will make you brim with new confidence on every call.

“No smartphone available today offers bigger signal bars,” says Apple product manager, Kevin Solstice. “These bars are bigger than Droid X, BlackBerry Bold and Evo 4G combined.”

A perfect match for iPhone 4’s advanced design, MegaBars neatly plugs into your iPhone’s earphone jack. Its high-res Micro-Retina display is visible from 20 feet — so your signal bars will not only calm your personal reception anxieties, they’ll make an impression on friends and colleagues.

MegaBars offers two viewing options. Standard Mode displays five bars at 6.8x normal size. Enhanced Mode offers six bars instead of five. iPhone automatically recalculates signal strength to display it accurately on a six-bar scale.

While Android can’t currently compete with MegaBars, don’t count Google out just yet. Sources tell us that Android 2.3 will in fact be built on a 7-signal-bar foundation — no external devices required.