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Apple reveals Plus-Minus-Max-Mini naming scheme

SUNNYVALE — Phew. After years of complaints from Apple customers about perplexing product names, sanity finally ... Get the Scoop

Jony Ive receives Her Majesty’s Razor of the Realm award

London, U.K. — Being knighted was just the warmup act. Just days after becoming Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief of ... Get the Scoop

Apple launches new line of imaginary iPhones

Cupertino, CA — Expanding on the success of the nonexistent white iPhone, Apple today announced a new line of iPhones ... Get the Scoop

Raising the bar: Apple announces signal bar extender for iPhone

Cupertino, CA — iPhone signal bars still leave you wanting? Super-size them. Thanks to Apple’s new MegaBars ... Get the Scoop

Apple introduces iHand: the right way to hold your iPhone

Cupertino, CA — Ladies and gentlemen, a big hand for iPhone. Literally. Responding to complaints that the new iPhone ... Get the Scoop

Redwood City bar flooded with lost prototypes as others try to create Apple-like buzz

Redwood City, CA — Only days after the press went bananas over Apple’s lost iPhone prototype, the copycats are ... Get the Scoop

“Lost iPhone” update: Apple Security under fire for harsh interrogations

Cupertino, CA — Everyone knows about Apple’s obsession with security. What they don’t know is just how ... Get the Scoop

Rumor: feature-free iPhone shuffle due in June

Cupertino, CA — Time to make room for baby. Looks like the iPhone family is about to expand. A Chinese parts ... Get the Scoop