Beyond the comfy chair: Steve Jobs to demo next iPad from bed

Cupertino, CA — With iPad successfully launched, Apple is hard at work on iPad 2 — and, in typical Apple manner, already crafting a magic and revolutionary launch demo.

Last time, Steve Jobs demoed iPad from an onstage easy chair, to show how comfortable you can be using the device. The message for iPad 2: “get even more comfortable.”

This time, Steve will skip the easy chair, don his favorite jammies and do his demo from an onstage Sealy Posturepedic.

He may or may not take an onstage nap following the demo, for added authenticity.

A source inside Apple explains, “Steve’s health is no longer an issue. He’ll obviously be at the helm for a long time. We’re just laying the foundation for a time he really needs to take a nap onstage.”


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