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Jony Ive receives Her Majesty’s Razor of the Realm award

London, U.K. — Being knighted was just the warmup act. Just days after becoming Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief of ... Get the Scoop

Apple to use press conference to alter time and space, eliminate iPhone problem

Cupertino, CA — According to sources, Apple will not only stun the audience at Friday’s press conference, it ... Get the Scoop

Apple blinks: New iPad XL to offer Flash capability

Cupertino, CA — Apple effectively raised the white flag in its war against Adobe today, announcing iPad XL — a new ... Get the Scoop

Beyond the comfy chair: Steve Jobs to demo next iPad from bed

Cupertino, CA — With iPad successfully launched, Apple is hard at work on iPad 2 — and, in typical Apple manner, ... Get the Scoop