Madame Tussauds opens Apple iChamber of Horrors

Los Angeles, CA — Scary figures. Devices of torture. Sinister plans to enslave us all. Madame Tussauds captures the best of Apple in the new iChamber of Horrors, which opened this week in Hollywood.

Design can be deadly — only the bravest visitors will survive an encounter with the original iMac's terrifying mouse

The exhibit occupies half a floor in Tussauds’ sprawling museum, taking visitors on a bone-chilling tour through Apple history.

Visitors can pose for photos with legendary Apple characters and interact with various themed displays.

Feeling brave? Enter The Puck and the Pendulum, where you’ll be chained to a rack as a swinging iMac hockey-puck mouse slices ever closer.

Tourists can get close to lifelike replicas of some of Apple's most infamous villains, including a backstabbing John Sculley

Antennagate Dungeon is a torture chamber with no apparent way out. Visitors must wander a maze of faulty antennas as an evil voice repeats, “Don’t hold it that way, don’t hold it that way…”

In Et Tu, Sculley, an unsuspecting Steve Jobs is stabbed in the back by a smiling CEO John Sculley, sending the company down a path of destruction, despair and bad design.

Proceed at your own risk and never let your guard down — new Apple horrors lurk at every turn

The iChamber of Horrors is now open in at Madame Tussauds Hollywood, and will be opening this summer in other Madame Tussauds locations, including New York, Paris, London and Shanghai.

Caution: The iChamber of Horrors contains frightening images (such as the Power Mac G4 Cube) that may be disturbing to young children. Parental discretion is advised.



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