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Apple announces “pre-abused” iSore devices

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iPad event: Scoopertino live blog transcript

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Apple introduces Siri Pro: for serious Apple lovers

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Apple takes heat for children’s book initiative

Cupertino, CA — Reading, writing … and tapping into daddy’s credit card? Just in time for the holidays, Apple ... Get the Scoop

Apple launches HairPort Extreme, turns heads into hotspots

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iPHONE EVENT: Scoopertino live blog transcript

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New iPhone to be launched with Mexican theme

Mexico City, Mexico — Is Apple running out of ways to make iPhone exciting? “¡Hell no!” says Tim Cook. ... Get the Scoop

Twitter swallowed by Apple, relaunched as Twapple

Cupertino, CA — Out with the Tweets, in with the Twapps. In one of its more surprising moves, today Apple announced ... Get the Scoop

Apple launches iBox: advanced technology, minus the technology

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Apple blasts into supermarkets with revolutionary Apple Water

Cupertino, CA — Step aside, Perrier. Prepare for oblivion, Poland Spring. After steamrolling the music player, ... Get the Scoop