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WWDC 2011: Scoopertino live blog transcript

If you missed our live blog from WWDC yesterday, here’s the transcript from our reporter on the scene. 9:31AM ... Get the Scoop

Apple adds “Magic Rating” across entire product line

Cupertino, CA — There’s magic in the air at Apple. Lots and lots of magic. In fact, with Apple beating the ... Get the Scoop

Apple Store tests Idiot Bar as complement to Genius Bar

Cupertino, CA — Tired of waiting hours or days to get an appointment at the Genius Bar? Help is on its way. Citing ... Get the Scoop

Apple Stores to be rebranded as “Church of Apple”

Cupertino, CA — If you’ve been following Apple religiously, your spirit is about to soar. On May 1st, 2011, all ... Get the Scoop

Apple Store opens in Libya, brings magic to revolutionaries

Misrata, Libya — When the doors of Libya’s first Apple Store opened in this hotbed of revolution at 7:00 am, ... Get the Scoop

Think different, dress alike: Apple introduces Steve Jobs fashion line

Cupertino, CA — Want to own a bit of that Steve Jobs magic? Apple is making a multimillion-dollar bet that you do. ... Get the Scoop

Steve Jobs ninja stars revealed to be iPod prototypes

Cupertino, CA — Well, that’s a relief. It turns out that Steve Jobs isn’t a secret ninja after all. We ... Get the Scoop

Apple enters home TV market with AppleVision: “HD TV for the rest of us”

Cupertino, CA — Move over, Sony. Apple has surprised analysts by boldly moving into the home TV market with a new ... Get the Scoop

Apple tackles factory suicide issue, releases HappyApp

Shanghai, China — Surprising critics who’ve complained that Apple isn’t doing enough to stem rising ... Get the Scoop

Microsoft Store to open at 6:30 am Thursday, bracing for crowd of six

Scottsdale, AZ — The Microsoft Store here will open two hours early on Thursday to accommodate a surge of ... Get the Scoop