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Apple takes the wraps off OS X Cowardly Lion

Cupertino, CA — Good news, Munchkins. A new version of OS X is coming soon — designed especially for those who ... Get the Scoop

Ballmer quits as CEO, takes comedy act on the road

Redmond, WA — He stands alone as a CEO who can make audiences howl with laughter. Now he’s going to turn that ... Get the Scoop

Apple announces iBalls: the ultimate Retina Display

Cupertino, CA — Whoever designed the human body did a respectable job — but leave it to Apple to take it to a ... Get the Scoop

iQuit: Apple stops making everything it makes

Cupertino, CA — Better hang onto that iPhone. It’s about to become a collector’s item. Today Apple announced that ... Get the Scoop

Apple introduces Siri Pro: for serious Apple lovers

Cupertino, CA — Think Siri is all talk and no action? Think again. Targeting lovestruck Siri fans, Apple today ... Get the Scoop

EXPOSED: Apple’s Jony Ive knighted as part of secret deal

London, U.K. — The knighting of Apple design chief Jony Ive sent cheers of delight around the Apple universe. But it ... Get the Scoop

FLASHBACK: Apple Store tests Idiot Bar as complement to Genius Bar

Scoopertino is closed for the holidays. In the meantime, we’ll recycle a couple of stories from our dusty ... Get the Scoop

BULLETIN: Santa walks out on talks with Tim Cook

North Pole, Arctic Circle — The smiles of millions of children around the world hang in the balance today, as Apple ... Get the Scoop

Dell woos Mac users with new ad campaign

Round Rock, TX — Yee-haw! After a decade of listless advertising and sagging sales, Dell is stepping up its game in ... Get the Scoop

Angry Zune owners ignite Occupy Apple movement

White Plains, NY — They’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore. Incensed owners of ... Get the Scoop