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Microsoft unveils state-of-the-vapor tablet

Hollywood, CA — Makers of vaporware the world over are celebrating the introduction of Microsoft’s new Surface ... Get the Scoop

New Mac Pro granite: no updates till 2056

Cupertino, CA — Frustrated by Mac Pro’s lack of serious updates? Apple has the computer for you. The new Mac Pro ... Get the Scoop

WWDC 2012: Scoopertino live blog transcript

For those who missed it, here is a transcript of Scoopertino’s live coverage of yesterday’s WWDC 2012 at ... Get the Scoop

Jony Ive receives Her Majesty’s Razor of the Realm award

London, U.K. — Being knighted was just the warmup act. Just days after becoming Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief of ... Get the Scoop