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Gizmodo editor planning to launch new gadget site from jail cell

San Jose, CA — Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, now also known as Inmate #GA-125544, California Penal System, has announced ... Get the Scoop

Steve Jobs robot out of control at Apple

Cupertino, CA — Fear stalks the halls of Apple corporate headquarters today as an out-of-control Steve Jobs robot ... Get the Scoop

Redwood City bar flooded with lost prototypes as others try to create Apple-like buzz

Redwood City, CA — Only days after the press went bananas over Apple’s lost iPhone prototype, the copycats are ... Get the Scoop

“Lost iPhone” update: Apple Security under fire for harsh interrogations

Cupertino, CA — Everyone knows about Apple’s obsession with security. What they don’t know is just how ... Get the Scoop

High court upholds Apple’s claim to letter i, alphabet reduced to 25

Washington, DC — In a narrow 5-4 iDecision today, the U.S. Supreme Court has handed Apple a victory that is certain ... Get the Scoop

Rumor: feature-free iPhone shuffle due in June

Cupertino, CA — Time to make room for baby. Looks like the iPhone family is about to expand. A Chinese parts ... Get the Scoop

Yoko Ono to Steve Jobs: Get back — and stay back

London, U.K. — Well, that didn’t take long. Steve Jobs’ bold effort to bring the The Beatles catalog to ... Get the Scoop

Steve Jobs in dramatic bid to lure Beatles to iTunes

Cupertino, CA — Tired of the endless back-and-forth with The Beatles’ Apple Corps about landing the Fab ... Get the Scoop

iPod “silhouette” dancers file class action suit against Apple

San Francisco, CA — Next time you see an iPod commercial with those cool dancing silhouettes, look carefully. They ... Get the Scoop