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Madame Tussauds opens Apple iChamber of Horrors

Los Angeles, CA — Scary figures. Devices of torture. Sinister plans to enslave us all. Madame Tussauds captures the ... Get the Scoop

Bill Gates predicts “Apple Rapture”: all Macs to explode in 2012

Redmond, WA — That end-of-the-world nonsense was just one big joke, says Microsoft founder Bill Gates. “May ... Get the Scoop

Shocker II: Schwarzenegger also fathered Jony Ive

Los Angeles, CA — No wonder Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head spins every time he hears the word “dad.” ... Get the Scoop

Get smart: Apple launches line of executive DNA

Cupertino, CA — It may not be in your DNA to run a world-changing technology company. But it could be soon. Today ... Get the Scoop

Campaign 2012: President Jobs would rename USA

Cupertino, CA — According to presidential candidate Steve Jobs, the Founding Fathers had a talent for writing ... Get the Scoop

Bin Laden hard drives reveal app developer dreams

Abbottabad, Pakistan — Even evildoers have their hopes and dreams. Hard drives recovered from Osama bin Laden’s ... Get the Scoop

Donald Trump questions Steve Jobs’ birth certificate

New York, NY — Faced with diminishing news coverage following the release of Obama’s birth certificate, Donald ... Get the Scoop