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Apple Stores shut down after lawsuit by China’s fake Apple Stores

Cupertino, CA — There’s a frightening similarity between Apple’s retail stores and the fake stores ... Get the Scoop

Twitter swallowed by Apple, relaunched as Twapple

Cupertino, CA — Out with the Tweets, in with the Twapps. In one of its more surprising moves, today Apple announced ... Get the Scoop

WAR OF THE WORDS: Steve Jobs and author battle over book title

New York, NY — First it was iSteve: The Book of Jobs. Then it became Steve Jobs. But hold the presses. The title of ... Get the Scoop

Apple’s Ping attracts 78th member, rolls toward 100

Cupertino, CA —  It’s a miracle that Apple’s servers haven’t melted under the onslaught. After a ... Get the Scoop

Steve Jobs to video pros: stop whining

Cupertino, CA — Why the uproar about Final Cut Pro X? According to Steve Jobs, you can blame “picky” ... Get the Scoop