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Apple introduces iHand: the right way to hold your iPhone

Cupertino, CA — Ladies and gentlemen, a big hand for iPhone. Literally. Responding to complaints that the new iPhone ... Get the Scoop

Wozniak to be neutered in attempt to curtail chronic buffoonery

Cupertino, CA — Heeding a chorus of demands from friends, family and colleagues, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will ... Get the Scoop

Jobs fumes over iPhone launch fiasco, pens “Thoughts on Revenge”

Cupertino, CA — Angered by the server meltdowns that marred the first day of pre-orders for iPhone 4, Steve Jobs has ... Get the Scoop

Oil spill causes havoc at Apple HQ, Jobs blows a gasket

Cupertino, CA — Emergency crews rushed to Apple headquarters today in an attempt to contain a mammoth oil spill ... Get the Scoop