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Raising the bar: Apple announces signal bar extender for iPhone

Cupertino, CA — iPhone signal bars still leave you wanting? Super-size them. Thanks to Apple’s new MegaBars ... Get the Scoop

Say the magic word: Apple sues David Copperfield

San Francisco, CA — Here’s something David Copperfield can’t make disappear: a lawsuit filed by Apple in ... Get the Scoop

Apple fesses up: Jobs emails not coming from Jobs

Cupertino, CA — With so many Steve Jobs emails making the rounds on the Internet this year, many wonder how the ... Get the Scoop

Multi-Touch goes Multi-Toe: Introducing Magic Footpad

Cupertino, CA — Only two weeks after Apple released Magic Trackpad, the other shoe has dropped. Or should we say ... Get the Scoop

Beyond the Bumper: Apple introduces iDish for iPhone

Cupertino, CA — Apple today expanded its line of iPhone 4 performance enhancement products with iDish, the ... Get the Scoop