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Apple Store experimenting with Genius Bar wedding service

Cupertino, CA — A surprise marriage performed at the landmark Apple Store Fifth Avenue in NY has spawned an ... Get the Scoop

Steve Jobs to personally detonate Jackling House with iPhone app

Cupertino, CA — Want to blow up a really annoying historic mansion? There’s an app for that. Now that a judge ... Get the Scoop

Pentagon licenses Reality Distortion Field for use in Afghanistan

Cupertino, CA — Steven P. Jobs has long been known for his legendary “Reality Distortion Field,” which ... Get the Scoop

Beyond Multi-Touch: get ready for mind control

Cupertino, CA — Thinking generations ahead, Apple is getting closer to perfecting a new technology for controlling ... Get the Scoop

Lessons from Coca-Cola? Apple readies new “iMac Classic”

Cupertino, CA — According to a source within Apple, a project team has been working on a new computer designed to woo ... Get the Scoop

Steve Jobs demands annual pay hike to $1.05

Cupertino, CA — A visibly angry Steve Jobs stormed out of Apple’s quarterly board meeting this afternoon after ... Get the Scoop

Apple announces Freddie iMac program — computer mortgages that make Macs affordable

Cupertino, CA — In direct response to frequent criticism that Macs are inordinately expensive, Apple today announced ... Get the Scoop