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Shaky economy forces downscaling of Apple Stores

Cupertino, CA — Think of it as “shopping for mere mortals.” After years of defining the über-cool retail ... Get the Scoop

Apple blinks: New iPad XL to offer Flash capability

Cupertino, CA — Apple effectively raised the white flag in its war against Adobe today, announcing iPad XL — a new ... Get the Scoop

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em: Apple launches Prototype Store

Cupertino, CA — Amid new reports of more iPhone prototypes showing up around the world, Apple is taking a new tack. ... Get the Scoop

Less green, more mean: Apple board trades Gore for Cheney

Cupertino, CA — Signaling a growing intolerance for deliberate leaks and fumbled prototypes, Apple today announced a ... Get the Scoop

Beyond the comfy chair: Steve Jobs to demo next iPad from bed

Cupertino, CA — With iPad successfully launched, Apple is hard at work on iPad 2 — and, in typical Apple manner, ... Get the Scoop

Flashback: Factory snafu forces Apple to release Cube instead of Trapezoid

Flashback is a new feature in Scoopertino, where we look back at important moments in Apple history. We believe such ... Get the Scoop

Divine inspiration: Apple signs Pope for iPod campaign

Cupertino, CA — His bod may not be quite as lithe as your typical iPod dancer, but this one’s got spirit. Say ... Get the Scoop

Thousands flock to see image of Steve Jobs on French toast

Pomaire, Chile — By mid-morning, the line was already snaking through the narrow streets of Pomaire, about 85 miles ... Get the Scoop